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Happy customers

Our customers love the Clothesmac

We created the Clothesmac but we really enjoy hearing from people who have purchased and used it. We'd love even more for you to send us your reviews and tell us what you love and would like to see improved so we can make it even better.

Send us your videos using and reviewing it!

If you don't want to write a review then record a video and upload it to Youtube showing us how much you love your Clothesmac. Send your reviews and Youtube URLs to

Happy customers

It's been a difficult year so we've been looking for ways to reduce our household bills and a friend told us about the Clothesmac. Not only is it easy to use but it's helped dramatically reduce our heating and electricity costs over the course of the year.

Sue Sturridge, Kent

The Clothesmac is not only a great rotary dryer but helps keep my clothes dry in even the most testing of conditions. With all the accessories it comes with (pegs, peg bag, cover and spike) it's an absolute bargain.

John Harris, Middlesbrough

I was really worried that I might be able to get it working at my age but it was easy. It comes all set-up so I merely had to unwrap it and it was ready. Much better than your usual cheap washing line from other places!

Barbara Toshack, Swansea

I am a very busy, hard working mother of 2 active boys, and my washing machine is constantly on the go. Now I have the rotary Clothesmac, I can peg out my washing before I go to work, and know when I get home, whatever the weather, my clothes will be dry. It has been a saviour this year, as our summer has been appalling.

Pamela Dobson

Looks like a good idea!

Nazaneen Ghaffar (Sky News Weather)

I love your idea!

Ruth Wignall (ITV Weathergirl)

Great idea! Good luck with it...

Sian Lloyd

Hi got my #clothesmac last wk, hubby finally put it up ;) Love it so much, don't care if it rains anymore :) Thanx

Jan Joyce

Now that winter is approaching the Clothes mac really comes into its own, when i come home from work the washing is always dry no matter what the weather decides to do. A marvellous idea that works a treat.

Carolyn from Teesside