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How does it work?

Opens and closes as easy as an umbrella!

The Clothesmac takes seconds to open up and close back down. Similar in function to an umbrella, the Clothesmac can be utilised as quick as an April shower! It is manufactured in teflon coated waterproof material and assembled into a single piece, using heavy duty plastic snap fasteners. Comes complete with 30m 3-arm rotary clothes airer or 40m 4-arm model.

Comes with cover and stores easy

The Clothesmac is a novel product which fits over a rotary washing line to protect the clothes from rain and other contaminates, while allowing air to circulate to dry the clothes. The Clothesmac comes pre-assembled and so is ready to go to work in seconds. When not in use it is simply closed and the neat fitting cover means the Clothesmac blends into the backdrop of your garden.

  • Insert in Ground Socket
    1. Insert in Ground Socket
  • Open It Up
    2. Open It Up
  • Hang Your Clothes
    3. Hang Your Clothes
  • Cover Up
    4. Cover Up

Don't worry about the rain

No more waiting and wondering about the weather. Go out for the day safe in the knowledge that your washing is fine.

Reduce your electricity bills

No more loading up the tumble dryer. The average household spends £65 pounds on electricity per annum.

Helping the environment

Less electricity means less harm for the environment and we know you like doing your bit for the environment.

Helps protect clothes

Helps protect clothes from the nuisance of BBQ smoke, acid rain and other irritating 'droppings'.

Choice of 3 colours

The Clothesmac will easily blend into the backdrop of your garden.

Did we mention the bills?

Drying clothes on your radiators is a thing of the past whilst reducing your heating bills too, not to mention the cost of the tumble dryer!